Will I be “out of control” if you hypnotise me?

No! The type of hypnosis which I use with clients is what is called “non-state” hypnosis. This means that you are aware all the time of what is going on around you and can stop the process whenever you wish. You are in charge of allowing yourself to use my voice and suggestions to enter an increasingly relaxed frame of mind. One where you are more likely to absorb the changes that we have agreed you wish to make.

I don’t want to spend hours discussing my past. Will this kind of therapy still work for me?

Yes. We don’t have to focus on the past unless you specifically want to. Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy is about making changes to how you think and how you behave in a way that is supportive of your present situation. And a way that helps you to make the most of what life has to offer now and in the future, regardless of what has happened in the past.

What if my family and friends don’t approve of the changes I’m making?

This is something that we will discuss when we first meet and set out the goals for what you want to achieve. Most family members and friends will be supportive of positive changes that make you feel better even though some may feel challenged by the fact that you are changing the way you act in certain situations.

Do I have to commmit to hours of homework?

There will be homework given between sessions but we will agree in advance what time constraints you have in your life and what works best for you. The most important factor determining your success is whether you really WANT to make change happen! I am here to support you between sessions too, by phone or email.

Is one session enough?

Most people need around 4 sessions to make lasting chagnes. But there is no pressure for any specific number of sessions. It all depends on your goals.

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